Leading a Bible Study – The Top Three Benefits

If you’ve ever wrestled with the idea of leading a Bible study, you’ll want to keep reading. While the commitment to lead a Bible study is a very serious one, doing so can lead to a bounty of benefits in your life. Here are just three of the benefits you’ll experience if you decide to follow God’s urging and commit to leading a Bible study.

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Become A Better Student of the Word

There’s almost no better way to make sure you really learn something than to commit to teaching the information to others once you’ve learned it. When you know you’ll be held accountable in front of a group of people who are depending on you to bring them a word from the Lord, you’re going to want to make sure you know the information well and that you have answers to at least some of the questions the participants might ask.

When you commit to leading a Bible study, you’re automatically going to spend more time in the Word. Spending more time understanding God’s Word will automatically help you begin to cement biblical information in your mind so you can have it readily available when you need it. You’ll also be more likely to remember the information when you know you have to reiterate everything you’re learning. Having a better understanding of God’s Word is always a benefit.

Build a Stronger Relationship with The Lord

This benefit comes right along with the first. The more you understand and comprehend God’s Word and what it means, the better understanding you’ll have of the Lord Himself and the closer you’ll be to Him.

When you’re studying and preparing to lead each session of the Bible study, you’re going to be focusing and concentrating on reading the Bible. You’re probably also going to be doing a lot more praying during this time as well. Both of these things will go a long way toward helping you build a stronger relationship with the Lord.

God Will Bless Your Obedience

If you desire to lead a Bible study, you should never just decide to do so without first going to the Lord in prayer about it. Ask Him if your desire is coming from Him because it’s something He’s wanting you to do or if it’s just something you feel like doing. Once you’re sure God is calling you to lead a Bible study, you can decide whether or not you’ll be obedient to His urging.

When we’re obedient and do what God asks of us, He always blesses us in one way or another. There’s no telling in what ways you’ll be blessed, but you will be blessed for obeying God’s call, stepping out in faith, and leading a Bible study. It’s a big undertaking and God recognizes that. He will definitely bless you for your obedience to Him if you take on the commitment of leading a Bible study.

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